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BaoXen Limited
Parliament Business Park
Unit 10 Block C
Commerce Way
L8 7BA

Tel: +44 (0) 151 708 8080
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How BaoXen was established

Over twenty years ago Mr Lee started a family restaurant business in Lark Lane, Liverpool.  Recognising the demand for siu mai in the retail sector, Mr Lee started selling siu mai prepared from his restaurant.  Mr Lee retired in 2003 and the restaurant was sold but the demand for their siu mai was still high.  Seeing a business opportunity, the production of siu mai continued.

BaoXen was established in April 2003 and this was when the brand Brenda’s Siu Mai was created.  The business has grown from strength to strength.  In order to meet growing demand, what started out as a labour intensive production process has now become automated. Since 2009, it became the Number One supplier of siu mai in Liverpool. In 2016, Brenda’s Siu Mai was rebranded as MéMé Siu Mai.

Other than the traditional method of steamed siu mais, the popularity of salt and pepper siu mais was soon sold at Food and Drink festivals as well as market stalls. In 2016, Brenda’s Siu Mai was rebranded as MéMé Siu Mai to meet growing demands outside of Liverpool.